Tell Daddy to Get Some Socks On You

by jmichaeledwards on February 17, 2014

At the grocery store as Gabriel was sitting in his cart this lady says, “Awww, well aren’t you a cute baby, tell daddy to get some socks on you though ok?” I said, “Ummm, yeah, now that feels nice. Wow, (…)

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Russian Babies Don’t Get Cold

by jmichaeledwards on February 16, 2014

A few hours ago, before I dropped Kristina off at work we were talking about how in Russia they would laugh at us Americans for calling this recent colder weather “cold”. Just a few minutes ago a police officer stopped (…)

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Everything was White

by jmichaeledwards on February 15, 2014

I had an interesting dream last night. I was able to rewind time once, and went back to age 18, and made all of the “right” moves in life. I invested in the best stocks, got a super high paying (…)

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Vigilanty Justice

by jmichaeledwards on February 8, 2014

It’s snowing in Seattle. These two guys are walking down a street in Ballard kicking over newspaper stands, kicking cars, throwing shopping carts in the middle of the road, and cursing at everyone they see threatening to fight. I was (…)

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Someone Said I Should Take Care of Gabriel & Get a Roof Over His Head.

by jmichaeledwards on February 8, 2014

Gbarial and I Chilling in the Van

Why don’t you settle down some where and give that beautiful baby a home. You are raising that lovely little boy in a van. I for one am growing very tired of your wonderful ideas and can not believe that (…)

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This Goes out To a Friend Who Needs to Hear This

by jmichaeledwards on February 6, 2014

Kristina got a job and we could have gotten an apartment but I spent every penny I had on inventory. We live in a van because I refuse a risk and invested in an opportunity I was not willing to (…)

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Got the Cops Called On Us…

by jmichaeledwards on January 30, 2014

It happened yesterday night, in the Laurel Grove area of Seattle. It seems to be an affluent and slightly conservative area (as conservative as it gets in the city of Seattle). Someone called the cops on us. We were sleeping (…)

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Too Many Energy Drinks

by jmichaeledwards on January 16, 2014

Sometimes it’s a lot of fun being me. I’m in the sauna, there is a very strong guy next to me, and he is flexing his wrist in a way that shows it’s aching in between yoga poses. I am (…)

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These homeless people, they’re everywhere….

by jmichaeledwards on January 14, 2014

On the block we have spent most of our time on there is 6 other vehicles with a total of 9 people living in them. There are people that frequent the area that live on their bikes. Their is a (…)

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This Little Thing Scared me More Than Anything Ever Has

by jmichaeledwards on July 16, 2013

cable holder

In our apartment in Los Angeles, 140 sq ft including the bathroom, I had gone through and meticulously baby-proofed the place. Or so I thought. Or so I thought. We didn’t use cleaners other than Dr. Bronner’s, vinegar, and some (…)

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